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Alessandro Pilloni

  • ECT* Strada delle Tabarelle 286 38123 Villazzano (TN) Italy
Scientific activity

Most of my research work has been focused on the low-energy regime of Quantum Chromodynamics, in particular on the spectroscopy of exotic states, which do not fit the usual quark model. I developed several models to parameterize the reactions involving exotics, as the XYZ in the heavy quarkonium sector, or the hybrid mesons in the eta(') pi system. I also contributed to the High Luminosity LHC Yellow Report, for what the future of XY Z spectroscopy is concerned. The dispersive techniques based on first principles are suitable to provide a robust description of 3-body systems. 
My interests do not only focus on spectroscopy but span several different aspects of QCD phenomenology. 
This research is located at the frontier of theory and experiment, and has allowed me to establish close collaborations with the experiments. I am an active member of the BaBar Collaboration, where I have been involved in the CP -violating modes of D mesons. I am also affiliated to LHCb, where I work in the pentaquark searches.

ECT* publications
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