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Arianna Carbone

  • ECT* Strada delle Tabarelle 286 38123 Villazzano (TN) Italy , Office location: Villa (second floor)
Scientific activity

I am a theoretical nuclear physicist and I am interested in understanding the properties of nuclear many-body systems. I specialize in the description of infinite nuclear matter, and to do this I combine ab initio many-body methods together with realistic nuclear interactions. The comprehension of an ideal system such as nuclear matter is fundamental to understand not only the properties of heavy nuclei but furthermore to explain the structure and dynamics of neutron stars.

Selected publications:

  1. C. Drischler, A. Carbone, K. Hebeler, and A. Schwenk, Neutron matter from chiral two- and three-nucleon calculations up to N3LO,Phys. Rev. C 94, 054307 (2016)
  2. A. Carbone, A. Rios and A. Polls, Correlated density-dependent chiral forces for infinite-matter calculations within the Green’s function approach, Phys. Rev. C 90, 054322 (2013)
  3. A. Carbone, A. Cipollone, C. Barbieri, A. Rios and A. Polls, Self-consistent Green’s functions formalism with three-body interactions, Phys. Rev. C 88 054326 (2013)

Chapters in books:

  1. C. Barbieri and A. Carbone, Self-consistent Green’s function approaches, in Lect. Notes Phys. 936 (2017), An advanced course in computational nuclear physics: Bridging the scales from quarks to neutron stars, Edited by M. Hjorth-Jensen, M. P. Lombardo, U. Van Kolck, arXiv:1611.03923
ECT* publications
Seminar given at the University of Barcelona, 6 November 2018
Talk delivered at: NuSYM18, 10-13 September 2018 (Busan, South Korea)
Talk delivered at: ENSAR2 Town Meeting, 17-19 April (Groningen, Netherlands)
Seminar given at the University of York, 15 February 2018
Seminar given at the University of Manchester, 14 February 2018