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Real-time Physics from Dyson-Schwinger Equations via Spectral Renormalisation

Jan Horak | Heidelberg University
Start date: 
Thursday, 25 June, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00
Webinar | Gmeet
We set-up a non-perturbative functional framework for computing real-time correlation functions in strongly correlated systems via analytic continuation. The framework is based on the spectral representation of correlation functions and dimensional regularisation. Therefore, the non-perturbative spectral renormalisation set-up here respects all symmetries of the theories at hand. In particular this includes space-time symmetries as well as internal symmetries such as chiral symmetry, and gauge symmetries. Spectral renormalisation can be applied within general functional approaches such as the functional renormalisation group, Dyson-Schwinger equations, and two- or n-particle irreducible approaches. First, this is applied to a scalar φ4-theory, where renormalised spectral DSEs are derived. Numerical results include the full, non-perturbative spectral function of the scalar field. Aiming at QCD on the long run, preliminary results indicate the existence of spectral representation of the gluon in Yang-Mills theory. There, a numerical gluon spectral function has been computed, which obeys the analytically known IR- und UV-asymptotics. ***************************************************************************************************************************** Short Bio | Jan Horak 2013 - 2017 Heidelberg University (Bachelor of Science, Thesis: Mono-X Collider Searches for Dark Matter) 2015 - 2016 San Diego State University 2017 - 2019 Heidelberg University (Master of Science, Thesis: Spectral Functions from Dyson-Schwinger Equations with Dimensional Regularization) 2020 - now: Heidelberg University (PhD, ongoing) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ “Pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation and as detailed in the Privacy Policy for FBK event’s participants, we inform you that the event will be recorded and disclosed on the FBK institutional channels. In order not to be filmed or recorded, you can disable the webcam and/or mute the microphone.“