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Exclusive tensor meson photoproduction

V. Mathieu, A. Pilloni, M. Albaladejo, L. Bibrzycki, A. Celentano, C. Fernandez-Ramirez, A.P. Szczepaniak
We study tensor meson photoproduction outside of the resonance region, at beam energies of few GeVs. We build a model based on Regge theory that includes the leading vector and axial exchanges. We consider two determinations of the unknown helicity couplings, and fit to the recent a2 photoproduction data from CLAS. Both choices give a similar description of the a2 cross section, but result in different predictions for the parity asymmetries and the f2 photoproduction cross section. We conclude that new measurements of f2 photoproduction in the forward region are needed to pin down the correct production mechanism. We also extend our predictions to the 8.5 GeV beam energy, where current experiments are running.
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