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POSTPONED to 2021 | Neutron Stars as Multi-Messenger Laboratories for Dense Matter


Staff ECT*
Monday, 25 May, 2020 - 09:00

The equation of state (EOS) for strongly-interacting matter is of great interest for the nuclear physics and astrophysics, and there are strong theoretical, experimental, and observational efforts to elucidate its properties at supra-nuclear densities. Many new observational data from gravitational wave facilities, X-ray satellites, and nuclear experiments become available and contribute to the global understanding of neutron-star physics. Together with nuclear experimental inputs and theoretical advances, this wealth of new results is expected to improve the understanding of the neutron-star core and the supra-nuclear EOS.

This workshop brings together experts in nuclear physics and observations in 2019, the golden year for neutron-star physics with the first results from NICER and the third campaign of the LIGO-Virgo collaboration, to critically examine these individual pieces of data, their robustness and required precision, to form a better understanding of the new results and obtain robust constraints on the EOS of dense matter.


Ingo Tews Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bruno Giacomazzo University of Milano
Sebastien Guillot CNRS Toulouse
Jerome Margueron IPN Lyon
Samaya Nissanke University of Amsterdam