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ASTRA: Advances and open problems in low-energy nuclear and hadronic STRAngeness physics

Registration closed 05/10/2017.


Ines Campo
+39 0461 314721
Monday, 23 October, 2017 - 09:00 to Friday, 27 October, 2017 - 13:00
ECT* Conference room

The “ASTRA: Advances and open problems in low-energy nuclear and hadronic STRAngeness physics” workshop will focus on the most recent achievements and open problems in nuclear and hadron physics with strangeness, both in theory and experiment, investigating also the implications in and from astrophysics and cosmology. Future perspectives and possible solutions to puzzles as the hypertriton lifetime, the hyperon puzzle in neutron stars or the still-unknown structure of the Lambda(1405) will be thoroughly discussed, together with the possible relation between strangeness in binaries of neutron stars and their emission of gravitational waves. It is the right time for the various communities working in this field to come together, discuss their findings and plan future activities towards an even deeper understanding of the role of strangeness in the Universe.

Registration period: 
21 Aug 2017 to 04 Oct 2017


Catalina Curceanu LNF – INFN Frascati
Emiko Hiyama Kyushu/RIKEN
Johann Marton SMI-Vienna
Josef Pochodzalla University of Mainz
Isaac Vidana Univ. Coimbra


Last nameFirst nameInstitutionCountry of Institution
AchenbachPatrickJohannes Gutenberg-UniversityGermany
BarabanovMikhailJINRRussian Fedetation
BombaciIgnazioUniversita` di PisaItaly
BydzovskyPetrNuclear Physics InstituteCzech Republic
CieplyAlesNuclear Physics InstituteCzechia
CurceanuCatalina OanaLNF-INFNItaly
Del GrandeRaffaeleINFN-LNFItaly
DoenigusBenjaminGoethe-University FrankfurtGermany
FelicielloAlessandroINFN - Sezione di TorinoItaly
FilippiAlessandraINFN TorinoItaly
FriedmanEliahuHebrew University, JerusalemIsrael
GalAvrahamThe Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael
GogamiToshiyukiTohoku UniversityJapan
HiyamaEmikoKyushu UniversityJapan
HohlwegerBernhardTechnical University MunichGermany
HrtankovaJaroslavaNuclear Physics Institute CASCzech Republic
LenskeHorstJLU GiessenGermany
MaresJiriNuclear Physics Institute CASCzech Republic
MartonJohannAustrian Academy of SciencesÖsterreich
MaurusSteffenTechnical University MunichGermany
NagaoShoTohoku UniversityJapan
NakamuraSatoshi N.Tohoku UniversityJapan
PederivaFrancescoUniversity of TrentoItaly
pianostefanoINFN sez. di TRIESTEITALY
piscicchiakristianCentro Fermi, LNF (INFN)Italy
PochodzallaJosefUniversity MainzGermany
PokornýJanNPI CASCzech Republic
SchäferMartinNuclear Physics InstituteCzech Republic
TamuraHirokazuTohoku UniversityJapan
TangLiguangHampton UniversityU.S.A.
ToyamaYuichiTohoku UniversityJapan
TripplCarinaStefan Meyer InstituteAustria
VeselyPetrNuclear Physics InstituteCzech Republic
WeiseWolframTechnical University of MunichGermany
ZmeskalJohannStefan Meyer InstituteAustria