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The quantized charge standard model, the eightfold way model, and the topological skyrme model

ECT* Seminar
Syed Afsar Abbas (Centre for Theoretical Physics, JMI University, New Delhi, India)
12 Oct 2016 - 11:15
Villa Tambosi 2nd Floor, Seminar Room

In the conventional Standard Model (SM) based on the group structure ${SU(3)_C} X {SU(2)_L} X {U(1)_Y}$, the electric charge is defined as Q=$T_3$ + Y/2 ( or $T_3 + {Y^\prime}$ ) where $T_3$ is the diagonal generator of $SU(2)_L$ and Y ( or $Y^\prime$ ) of $U(1)_Y$. Herein the electric charge is not quantized. We discuss and consistently derive another expression of the electric charge wherein the colour degree of freedom pops up in the expression of the electric charge itself. Moreover the electric charge is properly quantized as well. We call this model structure the Quantized Charge Standard Model (QCSM). The unification aspect of all the three forces - strong, electromagnetic and the weak interaction in the QCSM are highlighted.
This QCSM reproduces all the successes of the conventional SM. However the QCSM brings in some significant and major differences with respect to the SM. Colour dependence of the electric charge in the QCSM has basic implications for the study of QCD in the limit of large colours and the Topological Skyrme Model.

We also discuss the Eightfold Way Model and point to the problem of the missing baryon number therein. Significance of proper use of the adjoint representation and the Cartan subalgebra of SU(3) is emphasized. How the Topological Skyrme comes to the rescue is pointed out.