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Effects of a dressed quark-gluon vertex in vector heavy-light mesons and theory average of B(c)* meson mass

Maria Gomez-Rocha,
Thomas Hilger,
Andreas Krassnigg
We extend earlier investigations of heavy-light pseudoscalar mesons to the vector case, using a simple model in the context of the Dyson-Schwinger-Bethe-Salpeter approach. We investigate the effects of a dressed-quark-gluon vertex in a systematic fashion and illustrate and attempt to quantify corrections beyond the phenomenologically very useful and successful rainbow-ladder truncation. In particular we investigate dressed quark photon vertex in such a setup and make a prediction for the experimentally as yet unknown mass of the B_c*, which we obtain at 6.334 GeV well in line with predictions from other approaches. Furthermore, we combine a comprehensive set of results from the theory literature. The theory average for the mass of the B_c* meson is 6.336 +- 0.002 GeV.
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Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.7, 074010